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Being completely honest, I started my career in Computer Science by accident back in the late 1980’s. I started college with the dream of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Art, and quickly realized I didn’t want to live the rest of my life as a starving artist. I began to dig around and take a bunch of different courses, from business to psychology, and ultimately landed in a new offering; a “Basic” language programming course. Leading up to this new college course discovery, I had been experimenting with programmatically creating graphics on a Commodore 64 computer and was deeply intrigued. In a culmination of events, my Dad approached me with an employment opportunity to work as a “Systems Operator” (one of my current jobs was packing groceries at a large chain store he managed at the time; one of his side businesses was a carpet retailer startup; the role was with a major carpet manufacturer and supplier in the Detroit area); it was a midnights role where I’d be responsible for generating payroll, reports and doing other operational “stuff”. I jumped at the opportunity and started immediately (that became my 3rd concurrent job at the time). I was a sponge; I wanted to learn everything. I was working with a group of IBM System/36’s, System/38's, and IBM’s newest AS/400 midrange system, which leveraged CLP and RPGIII programming languages. One of the programmers who worked days was an amazing wealth of knowledge and would greet me every morning with “today’s Report Program Generator (RPG) operation-code”. The expectation was that I would research the opcode and report back on its proper usage the next morning. One thing led to another, and on my way through the “Senior Operator” role, it became more about writing applications and solving problems, how to track inventory for payroll and reports, and automatically flag low inventory for forms reorder. It wasn't long before I was the newest "RPG Programmer" on staff. That was the beginning of what has been a long career in the Management Information Systems (MIS), to Information Technology (IT), to Computer Science industry, as we have both evolved over the years. From the IBM System/36 and AS/400 systems, I moved up to the bigger IBM mainframes, using CICS and COBOL languages, interacting with DB2 backend databases. Then Microsoft blew off the ceiling with MS-DOS and the personal computer, right around the same time the Internet boomed to life for public usage. More life-changing events for me, with many more to follow; and I never would have dreamed then, that one day Microsoft would be recruiting ME! Then the technology followed; Windows, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Visual Studio, C#, .NET, and it just never ends. I cannot imagine doing anything other than Systems Engineering and design; it connects the best of both worlds between my artistic startup dreams in college, and the thrill of the ever-changing world of technology; one that will always thrill me, intrigue me, and make me push harder to stay current and continue to learn more!

The decision to relaunch IMB Information Technologies did not come lightly for me. I decided to retire from Software Engineering back in 2019 after 35+ years in the business; I was a self-professed workaholic, and I honestly did not think I would last a month in retirement. No matter how busy retirement kept me, I always came back to website design and development; the artist in me craved it, and the geek in me could not live without the CODE. I dove into more self-training to build back my rusty, but solid, web development skills using the latest Microsoft ASP.NET, C#.NET, and SQL Server technologies to bring this timeline back to today, and to the current time. So, that’s the full-cycle story; if you want to continue reading, I’ll layout my business history and technologies used below too, along with a link to my professional LinkedIn profile; see the Social Media icons directly above my website footer.

The decision to rebrand IMB Information Technologies was initially a hard pill to swallow too. I found out someone had purchased my original Domain Name and was attempting to resell it for more than I was willing to pay (After 5 years or so with Microsoft, I decided to let all my Domain Names expire). Then, when I pulled out all my external hard drives that I’ve used for backups over the years, after they had been sitting in a drawer since I moved offices 6+ years ago (know where this is going, huh?!?), I realized that poor drive maintenance caused me to lose a couple critical drives and all their content; two of those external drives were used for my final IMB Information Technologies backups after joining MS. Another life lesson learned, the hard way! After all was said and done, I am SO happy that my Domain Names were taken, and the hard drives were corrupted; I was forced to change with the times and move my brand to the 21st century, and hopefully FAR BEYOND! Hence, the stronger, more athletic rebranded Logo and icon that are still, and will still be, keeping things running for YOU; a FIT sign of the times! Our original tagline was more generic, "Keeping your systems running". That's also been rebranded, to be more laser-focused on websites with "Keeping your websites running"; laser-focused, just like us here at! They say everything happens for a reason; I typically have a hard time with that concept, but THIS time, it really works!

The decision to retain the original name, IMB Information Technologies, was a no-brainer. I struggled over thirty years ago to come up with a name for my new company; it was my best friend, one of the nicest, kindest people a friend could ever ask for, who ultimately came up with IMB, completely out of the blue; with a little collaboration between the two of us, IMB Information Technologies, in its infancy, was born. And, to be forever nostalgic, the image to your left is how IMB looked back in the day (yes, I still have stock certificates too if you are interested, haha!).

And, in tribute to my best friend Dave, here is how WE looked back in the day, at a campground in Port Huron, Michigan. While I am not ready to share the story here, tragically, I lost that dear friend a few years back. It is in dedication to him, and in honor of his wife, his children, and now his grandchildren, that I am SO PROUD to bring IMB Information Technologies back to life again with this STRONG new entrance in branding, look and feel.

Business history and technologies used

I am currently an independent Software Engineer and Principal at, assisting customers with Internet-based solutions. Tools leveraged include Visual Studio, .NET, C#, SQL Server, SSMS, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, JQuery, and AngularJS.
As a Solutions Architect with a software development firm, I assisted customers in implementing software products to leverage the full power of SharePoint Search across the enterprise, including FAST, SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019 and O365. Tools leveraged included PowerShell, Visual Studio, TFS, .NET, C#, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, CSOM, REST, JSON, Ajax, and VB scripting.
As a Sr. Consultant with nearly 13 years at Microsoft, I was a SharePoint Subject Matter Expert specializing in large-scale solutions on pre-release software, as part of a Technology Adoption Program (TAP), assisting customers in analyzing business requirements, turning them into technical requirements, then designing, architecting, and implementing solutions to meet the customer's business needs. Projects included designing, architecting and building a SharePoint 2010 farm housing 120,000,000 content items across two 15TB databases (highlighted in SharePoint Conference 2011 Key Note!). Also architected in-house SharePoint 2010 customer solution designed to serve 100,000+ users and host ~350 TB of content.
And full circle back to, which has been around in one form or another for over 30 years now! I was principal as a technology consulting firm for over 10 years prior to joining Microsoft; specializing in Intranet and Internet technologies, designing, and implementing both internal customer solutions as well as public-facing corporate web sites.
Prior to starting IMB Information Technologies, I worked for various large consulting firms and possess over 35 years of IT experience in both Microsoft and IBM technologies.

Let put all of this technology experience to work for you TODAY. I have been managing complex projects, development platforms and server environments my entire career; let me manage your Internet presence to SUCCESS!

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