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We provide a wide array of flexible services can offer extremely effective and cost-efficient website solution packages, or we can customize a package specifically to meet your needs.

Website Package Offerings

We know for you that the bottom line is that you simply want that bottom line to stay as “bottom” as possible, and we can certainly accommodate that with our nuts-and-bolts website package offerings. We will take the time to listen to your needs and provide the most cost-effective solution and packaging to fully meet your requirements. There are always two recurring costs where the pricing remains out of our control, and we simply pass these costs back to the consumer. These two items are the 1) Domain Name registration, which identifies the URL or address of a website, and 2) Professional email address subscription(s). We always recommend registering these for a minimum of three-year periods to ensure maximum cost savings. Additionally, we have recurring charges for Hosting services and SQL Server services for database-driven content and reporting, that will be charged as separate annual fees where applicable. With that said, a Domain Name could cost as little as $5.99 per year for the first three-year registration period, and would typically renew at around $9.99 per year.'s industry experience allows us to keep your bottom line LOW, ON BUDGET, and UNDER CONTROL. To help give you an idea of the costs, following are some entry-level cost estimates for common requirement elements within a professional website solution.

  • Domain Name
  • Starting at $5.99 per year
  • Email Name (ID)
  • Starting at $150.00 per year
  • Website Security (Firewall, SSL)
  • Starting at $175.00 per year
  • Website Hosting Fees
  • Starting at $300.00 per year
  • Database Hosting Fees
  • Starting at $500.00 per year
  • Website Design and Development Packages
  • Starting at $500.00 per year

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Keeping your websites running

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