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Personal Firearm Training

A favorite here at; yet another nuts and bolts example, but this one was completed start to finish in about a WEEKS time. We handled everything for the customer, including custom logos, icons, and website styling suggestions and examples. We verified and registered the requested Domain Name, immediately setup the URL and default Landing Page for the website with a standard “Coming soon” message, registered a new email address under the Domain Name, and provided required email configuration information to the customer. On the first day, we had all the registration, setup and configuration of the new website completed, including a professional email address. We then initially created two unique website “skins” that controlled the entire websites look and feel, with different color schemes, logos, and website icons. Reviewed both layouts over Zoom with the customer, and locked in a logo, design scheme and layout that the customer loved. We then locked in and focused on the messaging the customer envisioned; that same week, we turned around a fully designed, completed website for customer approval. NO, we do NOT want to do it again; but we will always do whatever is necessary to meet our customers’ needs, expectations and demands.
Here's a link to check out Personal Firearm Training's website.

Website Features

Custom Logo, website icon and graphics
PFT had a strong vision of how they wanted to implement and use their brand to represent their business and philosophies. It all started with the concept of using an eagle as part of the professional logo and branding. got to work and put together three unique corporate Logo and website icon packages, along with two unique skins, or themes, to show how the assets would look on an actual website. We reviewed the skins and digital assets real-time (virtually) to allow PFT to see the results and make a decision on which graphics package to move forward with.

Reactive, dynamic, and adaptive design, look and feel
With so many types of media devices available today, it is critical to have a reactive and adaptive website that will look incredible on any device, from a large-screen multimedia computer to the smallest handheld smartphone. This is one of the most challenging aspects of website development; styling any page so it will dynamically react to the specific device and browser being targeted; when an end user is sizing a browser window, the website will “react” and size itself accordingly for a crisp, clean display. The design, look and feel of the website is largely controlled by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which is kind of like a “skin” or “theme” for a particular website. The “look and feel” of the site is controlled primarily by the assigned skin or theme; providing a separation between the “look and feel” and the “content” contained within the website; changing the skin can dramatically affect the look of the website, but the content and messaging remains consistent.

Related Social Media links
Every website should promote and cross-link with all applicable Social Media platforms. Having your website referenced from other sites provides “ranking points” for your website and can help boost your websites results in search engine results like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo, among others. The primary Social Media sites to consider are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. If you are not familiar with creating your brand across, and cross-linking your website with Social Media, no worries, we are here to help. We can setup everything for you, handle all of the technical aspects to have everything flow smoothly, and ensure all your links are working across all platforms and technologies.

Master-page, child-page relationships
Another important feature of any well-designed website is its flexibility for change. We leverage and target the latest and greatest Microsoft .NET Frameworks and technologies while developing, testing, deploying, and managing your website. You do not have to worry about the ever-changing technology stream; we will handle all the details for you, to ensure your site is running reliably, with the best technology available. We currently use a master-child page paradigm, where all the surrounding page assets, such as logos, titles, navigation controls, tagline, and footer controls, etc., are part of a “master” page, which all of the individual content pages derive from; ultimately making site maintenance and enhancements extremely low-maintenance by allowing the major “maintenance” focus to be on the content itself.

Web site optimization, maintenance, regular monitoring, and updates as required
We have lived and breathed technology for a few decades around here at; we strive to stay up to date on current technologies, as well as stay abreast of late-breaking and new technologies, while always maintaining a focus on the future. One thing we love about this business and ever-trending, ever-changing technology; it doesn’t matter what you know today, it all changes tomorrow!!

Bi-annual website statistical reporting
As part of a low monthly subscription package, additionally provides statistical reporting for the website at the end of each month, quarter, or annually, based on your needs. This administrative report is sent to all designated people, and includes pertinent details about the website and usage.

Search Engine Optimization
Since began creating websites, it always been a challenge to determine the best way to get your website exposure to search crawlers and indexers. With the onslaught of Internet content, it has become even more challenging every day. We do our research to understand what concepts work best to promote your sites “ranking” in search results. Afterall, all the best content in the world is useless if it cannot be found.

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