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IMB Information Technologies has been in the website development arena since the early 1990's, and was a very early adoptor of the Internet. With our extensive experience, we can do everything required from design, to build, to test, to maintenance and upgrades, to reporting; NUTS and BOLTS and a ONE STOP SHOP for anything Internet-related. Following are some samples of public-facing websites that has worked on through the entire application lifecycle, including hosting, maintenance and monthly statistical reporting.

Competition Corvette Club of Michigan
Click/tap the image to the left, or click/tap HERE to display the website details for CCCoM.
Our first born under the relaunch and rebranding of IMB Information Technologies, and our largest and most sophisticated public-facing website to-date. This website is pretty much made up of every component and piece of functionality that we offer here at, and we worked closely with the customer to design it, brand it, develop and deploy it. We continue to work with the customer to handle all Domain Name renewals, website hosting, email, and management reporting. Additionally, does all promotional work for CCCoM, including custom graphics, event flyers, labels, mail-merged name cards, table signs, etc.
Categorized as a high-level complexity website.

On Site Hand Car Wash & Detailing
Click/tap the image to the left, or click/tap HERE to display the website details for On Site.
Another nuts and bolts project for us here at; we worked closely with the customer to determine branding and functionality required. Created custom website logos, icons, and other digital assets that the customer can now reuse for advertising, business cards, etc. Worked closely with the customer to determine proper content and messaging they envisioned, and reviewed progress with customer until we achieved the desired result.
Categorized as a mid-level complexity website.

Conservator Attendee Services
Click/tap the image to the left, or click/tap HERE to display the website details for CAS.
Another nuts and bolts project; these are the types we really love. Taking all the hard copy marketing materials the customer has generated over the years via various mediums, reviewing all the content in detail, then combining everything into a fashionable advertising site that matches all the currently existing content and marketing materials, including corporate color scheme, logos, icons, and other digital media. All digital media is provided to the customer at time of website approval, so these assets can be reused in any future marketing or promotions.
Categorized as a mid-level complexity website.

Personal Firearm Training
Click/tap the image to the left, or click/tap HERE to display the website details for PFT.
A favorite here at; yet another nuts and bolts example, but this one was completed start to finish in about a WEEKS time. We handled everything for the customer, including custom logos, icons, and website styling suggestions and examples. We verified and registered the requested Domain Name, immediately setup the URL and default Landing Page for the website with a standard “Coming soon” message, registered a new email address under the Domain Name, and provided required email configuration information to the customer. On the first day, we had all the registration, setup and configuration of the new website completed, including a professional email address. We then initially created two unique website “skins” that controlled the entire websites look and feel, with different color schemes, logos, and website icons. Reviewed both layouts over Zoom with the customer, and locked in a logo, design scheme and layout that the customer loved. We then locked in and focused on the messaging the customer envisioned; that same week, we turned around a fully designed, completed website for customer approval. NO, we do NOT want to do it again; but we will always do whatever is necessary to meet our customers’ needs, expectations and demands.
Categorized as a mid-level complexity website.

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